Pilot Trainings on Ethics and Anti-Corruption in Public Service

Ganja, Azerbaijan 9-10 October 2017
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© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

Two regional pilot trainings, one on Ethics in Public Service and one on Anti-Corruption in Public Service, take place in Ganja, Azerbaijan. Over 40 members of regional civil service, academia and civil society have already benefited from two previous regional Pilot Trainings delivered by CoE certified local trainers in Guba, focusing on ethics and performance evaluations in public service. The trainings are delivered by four certified local trainers, who took part in the Training-of-Trainers courses on Ethics and Anti-Corruption in Public Service earlier this year. 70 participants are introduced to basic concepts and key theories complemented by hypothetical case studies and practical exercises allowing them to make links with day-to-day dilemmas, while providing them with essential tools for ethical decision-making. The trainings will serve as a useful tool for strengthening ethics and preventing corruption in public administration as part of continuous efforts by the Azerbaijani authorities to tackle corruption and ensure integrity of public officials.