The CDADI provides a co-ordinating supervising and monitoring role in the functioning of its substructures:


Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (ADI-ROM)

The Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (ADI-ROM) oversees the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan for Roma and Traveller Inclusion (2020-2025). It reviews the implementation of national legislation, policy and practice concerning Roma and Traveller inclusion through thematic reports based on visits, with a view to promoting relevant Council of Europe standards. Based on those thematic reports, the ADI-ROM exchanges information, views and experience on member States’ legislation, policies and practice concerning Roma and Travellers inclusion in order to identify examples of effective measures and practices and to assist member States in the development and implementation of successful Roma and Traveller inclusion policies, paying due attention to persons in particularly vulnerable situations.

The ADI-ROM is tasked, inter alia, with carrying out a study on the causes, prevalence and consequences of anti-Gypsyism and possible responses thereto, and with contributing to the development of a new and comprehensive legal instrument on combating hate speech.

 Terms of Reference of ADI-ROM 


Committee of Experts on Combating Hate Speech (ADI/MSI-DIS)

The Committee of Experts on Combating Hate Speech (ADI/MSI-DIS) has the specific task of preparing a draft recommendation by the Committee of Ministers on a comprehensive approach to addressing hate speech, including in the context of an online environment, within a human rights framework building on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights and drawing upon existing Council of Europe texts and the legacy of the No Hate Speech Movement Youth Campaign, as well as possible practical tools to give guidance to member states and other stakeholders in this area.

The ADI/MSI-DIS is a joint body, which is sub-ordinated to two steering committees, the Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI) and the Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI). Due to the complex nature of hate speech as a phenomenon that must be addressed from the freedom of expression angle as well as from the perspective of non-discrimination and inclusion, experts from both sides work together towards one effective and comprehensive approach.

 Terms of Reference of ADI/MSI-DIS


Working Group on Intercultural Integration (GT-ADI-INT)

The CDADI will form a Working Group to develop a multi-level policy framework for intercultural integration, in particular as regards migrants, composed of representatives of 10 member states with specialised knowledge in intercultural integration and diversity management, designated according to a method which shall have due regard to geographical balance and the existence of Intercultural cities or intercultural city networks in the state concerned, as well as representatives of 10 local authorities that are full members of the Intercultural Cities Programme.

 Explanatory note on mandate

CDADI Secretariat CDADI Secretariat

Hallvard Gorseth, Secretary

Wolfram Bechtel, Co-Secretary

Ljiljana Stojisavljevic, Assistant