Council of Europe Office 55, avenue Kléber Room “Paris 1”, Paris

24 April 2013, 9h30 a.m. - 26 April 2013, 1 p.m.

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Adoption of the agenda
PC-GR-DD (2013)OJE  
  3. Information by the chair and the secretariat
Summary meeting report 3.1 Report of the last meeting of the PC-GR-DD
CDPC ToR 3.2 Terms of reference of the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC)
PC-GR-DD (2012)1
PC-GR-DD (2012)3
3.3 Terms of reference of the Ad hoc Group on Dangerous Offenders (PC-GR-DD)
  4. Drafting of a recommendation on dangerous offenders
PC-GR-DD (2013) 1 4.1 Presentation by the Chair of the PC-GR-DD and the scientific expert on the preliminary draft recommendation on Dangerous offender
PC-GR-DD (2013) 2 4.2 Note of the Bureau of the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC), 11-12 April 2013
  4.3 Discussion
  5. Council of Europe previous work on dangerous offenders
Resolution (62)2
Recommendation No. R (82) 17
Recommendation Rec(2003)22
Recommendation Rec(2003)23
Recommendation Rec(2006)2
Recommendation CM Rec (2010)1
5.1 Recommendations and Resolutions
PC-CP (2010) 10 rev 5 5.2 Report on “The sentencing, management and treatment of “dangerous” offenders” by Nicola Padfield
ECtHR Case law 5.3 European Court of Human Rights case law
  6. Other business
  6.1 Dates and place of the next meeting of the PC-GR-DD
  6.2 Other