Preliminary work - preparation of Opinion No. 15 (2020)

For 2020, the Committee of Ministers entrusted the preparation of an opinion on the implications of the decisions of international courts and treaty bodies as regards the practical independence of prosecutors.

Due to the health crisis of COVID-19, the CCPE adopted a new topic for its Opinion No.15 (2020) on the role of prosecutors in emergency situations, in particular when facing a pandemic. The Opinion aims – based on best European practices - to determine how the prosecution services can fulfil their mission with the highest quality and efficiency in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Respect for human rights and rule of law is emphasised as a necessary pre-requisite for implementation of usual, as well as new functions of prosecutors during and after the pandemic. Overcoming challenges faced by prosecution services is also being highligthed. The Opinion will be adopted on 19 November 2020 at the CCPE plenary meeting.

The Bureau members of the CCPE participate to the meetings of the CCPE Working group in charge of the preparation of the draft texts. 

The Bureau members are:

  • José Manuel SANTOS PAIS (Portugal), President
  • Antonio VERCHER NOGUERA (Spain), Vice-Président
  • Alessandra GIRALDI (Denmark)
  • Peter McCORMICK (Ireland)

The Working group members are:

  • Milica ANDJELIĆ-MANDIĆ (Montenegro)
  • Peter GRECH (Malta)
  • Davit MELKONYAN (Armenia)
  • Antonio MURA (Italy)
  • Sava PETROV (Bulgaria),
  • Ali RIZA ÜLKER (Turkey)
  • Cédric VISART de BOCARME (Belgium)
  • Jana ZEZULOVA (Czech Republic)
  • Vladimir ZIMIN (Russian Federation)

Gender equality Rapporteur

Gordana BOSILJCIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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