Schools involved in the project


1st Gymnasio Avlon
Bridging languages and memories to foster multiple identities: “Never leave your backpack behind!” (“Backpack ID”)

23rd Primary School of Kalamaria
A school without walls: Co-creating an open and sustainable learning community

2nd Gymnasio of Lavrion (2nd High School of Lavrion)
Project: Teacher of German language and of Greek as a second language in Reception Classes. Refugee education

87th Experimental Intercultural Primary School of Athens
Accepting the other

Arsakeio Gymnasium of Thessaloniki
Project: 10+1 reasons for being grateful every day

Experimental Senior High School of University of Macedonia
Our voice is our power! 

Makrygialos High School of Pieria
Journalistic Student Conference

Psychico College
The Gift of Being Different

Ralleio Upper Secondary High School, Peiraias
New steps on an old path: Integrating Intangible Cultural Heritage and Competences for Democratic Culture in the daily teaching practice