Multiperspectivity in Teaching and Learning History (2005)

History teaching should not try to deliver definitive answers, but to provide an understanding of the complicated historical processes. Present-day history teaching should reflect the full complexity of this discipline, including controversial and sensitive issues, but, at the same time, avoid creating or reinforcing images of enemies or give pretexts for new confrontations.

This publication contains the presentations made by experts in history teaching from Cyprus, Spain and the United Kingdom at the following activities organised by the Council of Europe in co-operation with the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research and the Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (K.T.O.E.Ö.S), in November 2004 in Nicosia:

  • the Seminar on “Multiperspectivity in history teaching”;
  • the Seminar on “History textbooks and teaching materials and their use in a classroom”;
  • the Workshops on “New approaches to teaching history: multiperspectivity”.

Available in English and French.