The Council of Europe Access Info Group is one of the two monitoring bodies established by the Tromsø Convention under its Article 11 which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Convention by the Parties.

As a technical body to be composed of experts of the highest integrity, independent and impartial in the area of access to official documents the Access Info Group evaluates and reports on the legislative and other measures adopted by the Parties to give effect to the provisions set out in the Tromsø Convention. It also contributes to the effective implementation of the Tromsø Convention by means of expressing opinions related to the application of the Convention, exchanging information and reporting on significant legal, policy or technological developments as well as formulating proposals, including proposals for amendments under Article 19 of the Convention. While carrying out its duties, the Access Info Group may request information and opinions from civil society.

The Access Info Group is composed of 10 experts. On 31 March 2022, the Consultation of Parties elected the following members for a period of four years, renewable once:

Mr Kestutis ANDRIJAUSKAS; Mr Inge Lorange BACKER; Ms Biljana BOŽIĆ; Ms Veronica CRETU; Ms Helena JÄDERBLOM; Ms Thordis INGADOTTIR; Ms Päivi Hannele KORPISAARI; Mr Ivar TALLO; Mr Attila PÉTERFALVI; and Ms Tetyana OLEKSIYUK.

The Access Info Group meets at least once a year.


       Helena JÄDERBLOM

       Tetyana OLEKSIYUK