2019 zertifizierte „Kulturroute des Europarates“


Liberation Route Europe is an international remembrance network linking the main regions impacted by the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation in 1944-1945. The Route connects important historic sites of the Second World War in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The route combines historical content with a multiperspectivity approach, remembrance tourism and memory transmission tools at European level.



By establishing a cultural route connecting different European sites and regions, places of remembrance, the Liberation Route Europe contributes to the memory and understanding of the Second World War, liberation from Nazi occupation as well as the conflict's long-lasting impact on Europe and its people.

Travelling today

Liberation Route Europe aims to promote innovative and sustainable tourism products along its network members in order to make this period of European history accessible for visitors, including the younger generation, from Europe and beyond. Historical locations, personal stories and the contribution of a variety of activities in the fields of history, tourism and business development are at the core of tourism products developed for diverse audiences.

Council of Europe values

20th Century European history, the heritage of the Second World War and the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation and its role in the future construction of peaceful, democratic and inclusive societies are at the core of the Liberation Route Europe's missions. By presenting a multiperspectivity of view of this historical event, Liberation Route Europe aims at raising common awareness of Council of Europe values of Human Rights, democracy, the Rule of Law, cultural diversity and the fight against any form of discrimination.


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Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route Europe


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