Project : Support to the Criminal Justice Reform in Ukraine

Human Rights National Implementation Division

Title Support to the Criminal Justice Reform in Ukraine
Project area Ukraine
Budget EUR 1 800 000
Funding provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (100%)
Partners Ministry of Justice, Verkhovna Rada, Office of the Prosecutor General, National Academy of Prosecutors, High Specialised Court for Civil and Criminal Cases, Supreme Court, National School of Judges, Ministry of Interior, Office of the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Ukrainian National Bar Association, Coordination Center for Legal Aid Providing, human rights NGOs.
Project team Based in Kyiv and Strasbourg
Duration : 30 months, January 2013 - June 2015

Objectives activities and working methods::

The overall objective of the Project is to improve the effectiveness of criminal justice in Ukraine in line with European standards.

The specific objectives of the Project are :

  • 1. To contribute to the actual application of the new Code of Criminal Procedure (CPC) and development of the new institutional role and operational capacity of the public prosecution.
  • 2. To provide legal advice and facilitate the drafting of the Law on the Office of the Public Prosecutor in line with the new CPC, as well as of any other relevant legislation, including on the State Bureau of Investigations of Ukraine, and sub-legislation and internal regulatory instruments of the public prosecution, and to facilitate their actual application.
  • 3. To develop the capacity of key groups of legal professionals to apply European standards in their daily work on the basis of the new CPC.

The Project is designed to achieve the overall and specific objectives by improving the regulatory framework, reinforcing the institutional system and operations, through capacity building increasing the level of knowledge and skills as regards European standards and putting the target groups in a position to integrate those standards into their actual daily practice, at the administrative, managerial and operational levels. Furthermore, the Project is promoting and supporting the exchange of best European practices in the sphere of criminal justice.

Under the first objective the Project aims to assess implementation of the CPC and provide expert recommendations with a view to further improving legislative and sub-legislative framework and internal regulatory instruments as well as implementation practices for the effective application of the CPC in line with ECHR standards.

The second component of the Project is designed to provide legal advice to Ukrainian authorities in drafting of a new law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a law on the State Bureau of Investigations in line with European standards and recommendations of the relevant Council of Europe bodies. After the implementation of the above-mentioned legislative reforms the Project aims at undertaking a range of activities to strengthen institutional and operational capacities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and facilitate its effective functioning.

Within the third objective the Project supports development of relevant curricula and implementation of a series of seminars, trainings and other capacity building activities for judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers to apply European standards in the course of criminal procedure on the basis of the new CPC, as well as strengthening capacities of the Ombudsperson’s institution and human rights NGOs to monitor such application.