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Convention & Protocol

Report of the 26th Plenary meeting of the T-PD
(1-4 June 2010) – full report

Report of the 23th meeting of the Bureau of the T-PD
(22-24 March 2011)

Report of the 24th meeting of the Bureau of the T-PD
(28-30 June 2011)

      · T-PD-BUR (2011) RAP 25

Report of the 25th meeting of the Bureau of the T-PD
(10-12 October 2011)

Modernisation of Convention 108 : proposals

“Consultation concerning the modernisation of Convention 108: results”

Report on the lacunae of the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data (ETS 108) resulting from technological developments

Report on the modalities and mechanisms for assessing implementation of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (ETS 108) and its Additional Protocol

Modalities for the amendment of Council of Europe treaties

Secretariat Comments on the strengthening of the Convention’s follow up mechanism

Study on Recommendation (89)2 on the protection of personal data used for employment purposes and to suggest proposals for the revision of the above-mentioned Recommendation
by Giovanni Buttarelli

    · Recommendation (87)15 of the Committee of Ministers to the member States on regulating the use of personal data in the police sector

    “Recommendation (87)15 – Twenty-five years down the line: Preliminary Report “ (restricted)
    - Mr Joseph Cannataci, Professor, Faculty of Law – University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
    - Ms Mireille Caruana, Research Associate, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences,
    University of Malta

Interpol – The new Interpol Code on the processing of information facing the challenges of international police cooperation
- Mr Joël Sollier, General Counsel of INTERPOL and Director of the Office of Legal Affairs


Compilation of reports of T-PD representatives in other committees and fora as well as other events and conferences

· Overview Convention 108
· Overview additional Protocol