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Convention & Protocol

Recent judgments of the ECHR
CEDH - Personal Data Protection
List of Judgements - DP(2013)CASE LAW (non-exhaustive)

National security and European case-law
Recent judgments
Judgment Von Hannover n°3 V. Germany - respected private and family life of Princess Caroline de Hannover
Case of Söderman v. Sweden
Judgment Avilkina and Others v. Russia (18 06 2013)
Bernh Larsen Holding As and Others v. Norway (14 03 2013)
S. and Marper v. United Kingdom
K.U. v. Finland
Judgment M.K. v. France - retention of fingerprints and private life
(French only - this document is being processed)
Case of Iordachi and others v. Moldova - (14 09 2009)