Data Protection

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Convention & Protocol


Convention 108 Signed 01/10/2008
  Ratified 24/12/2008
National Constitution   Art. 22, 1962 Constitution
Specific National Legislation  
The application order of Law No. 1165 of 1993, amended in 2008, is a Sovereign Order No. 2230 of 19 June 2009
Enacted   23/12/1993
Scope Manual Processing Yes

Non Natural person  

Public or private sector  
Registration or Notification   All data
Special Authorisation for Exportation  

There is a special authorization for exportation to countries not ensuring an adequate level of protection

Data Protection Authority

  Supervisory Commission of personal information
Commission de contrôle des informations nominatives
7 Avenue du Gabian 98000 Monaco
Website: ccin@m