Data Protection

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Convention & Protocol


Convention 108 Signed 04/05/1998
  Ratified 28/02/2008
National Constitution   Art. 28, 1994 Constitution
Specific National Legislation  

1)  Law No. 133 of 08.07.2011 on Personal Data Protection :

2)  Law No. 182-XVI of 10.07.2008 regarding the approval of the Statute, structure, staff-limit and financial arrangements of the National Center for Personal Data Protection :

3)  Law No. 208 of 21.10.2011 on amending and completing some legislative acts :

1)  08.07.2011

2)  10.07.2008

3)  21.10.2011
ScopeScope Manual Processing Yes

Non Natural person Yes

Public or private sector Both
Registration or Notification   All Data
Special Authorisation for Exportation   Some Data (art.32 of Law on Personal Data Protection)
Data Protection Authority  

National Center for Personal Data Protection :