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Last update 02/06/2016

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Council of Europe calls on Liechtenstein to ratify the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption and to make political funding transparent

[Strasbourg, 2 June 2016] – The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption today called on Liechtenstein to ratify the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, to fully implement it, and to swiftly and substantially improve legislation on political funding.
Liechtenstein joined the international anti-corruption efforts at a late stage and it is one of the four GRECO member states which, to date, has not ratified the Criminal Law Convention on corruption and its additional protocol. (more...)

Link to the report: pdf 

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* Translation provided by the authorities of Liechtenstein

GRECO´s annual report: progress needed in preventing corruption in respect of MP´s, judges and prosecutors

[Strasbourg, 1 June 2016] – The Chair of the Council of Europe's anti-corruption body GRECO, Marin Mrčela, has stressed the need for mobilising policy-makers to address the shortcomings identified in the prevention of corruption prevention in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.
In its annual report, published today, GRECO offers an overview of the impact of its recommendations concerning the legislation, practices and institutional framework in the states it evaluated in 2015. (more...)

Link to the report pdf 

Flag Turkey 

Turkey: lack of openness in parliamentary process and independence of judiciary are sources of concern

[Strasbourg, 17 March 2016] – The report focuses on corruption prevention in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.  It includes a large number of recommendations to improve anti-corruption measures in all three goups, in respect of institutional settings and practices as well as with regard to the conduct of the officials concerned. The need to provide for more openness in the parliamentary process is highlighted as a major concern. Parliamentary immunities are perceived as a significant obstacle to bringing MPs to justice when suspected of corruption. (more...)

Link to the report pdf 

Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Council of Europe urges Armenia to step up corruption prevention among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors

[Strasbourg, 25 February 2016] – In a new report published today, the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) notes that corruption remains an important problem for Armenian society, even though the fight against it has been high on the political agenda for years. The report specifically looks at the situation with preventing corruption among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors. (more...)

Link to the report pdf 




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16th General Activity Report (2015)

Fourth Evaluation Round

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Addendum(a) to Compliance report - Azerbaijan (14 Mar 2016) - Spain (09 Feb 2016) - Bulgaria (01 Feb 2016)

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Addendum(a) to Compliance report -  Liechtenstein (12 Nov 2015)