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Last update [02/07/2015]

Serbia urged by GRECO to improve tools for preventing corruption among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors

[Strasbourg, 2 July 2015] Serbia has come a long way in creating a regulatory and institutional framework for fighting corruption, concludes a report published today by GRECO. However, much remains to be done for the system to work properly and to close the noticeable gap between the law and practice. The report covering the period up to June 2015 offers recommendations on preventing corruption and misconduct among members of parliament, judges and prosecutors. (more ...)

Link to the report pdf 

GRECO urges reforms to strengthen accountability of judges and parliamentarians in Malta

[Strasbourg, 23 June 2015] The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) has published today its Fourth Round evaluation Report on Malta.  It focuses on the prevention of corruption of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors.

GRECO welcomes the reforms proposed for Parliament and the judicial system to provide for increased transparency, efficiency and accountability. GRECO notes that, following three consecutive rounds of evaluation and compliance, a number of legislative measures have been designed to reduce the scourge of corruption in Malta. (more ...)

Link to the report pdf 

Fighting corruption in Europe: regulating conflicts of interest of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors must be a priority


[Strasbourg, 18 June 2015] GRECO publishes today its annual report. Despite the examples of progress made, a significant number of states are failing to fully implement its recommendations to prevent and combat corruption.

The evaluations carried out so far by GRECO show that in many European states there are currently no regulations to deal with the conflicts of interest parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors might face, and that in some countries legislative frameworks are so complex or frequently amended that the stability and the clarity of the legislation is undermined.

Concerned by this situation, Marin Mrčela, President of GRECO, today called on European states to create clear and stable regulations on conflicts of interests for parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors. “There is a need for stronger political will to address the shortcomings in the prevention of corruption among these professional groups and to pay as much attention to implementation of the rules as to their drafting”, he said. (more...)

Link to the report pdf 



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