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Newsletter of the School of Political Studies - Fourth edition (09.10.13)

fourth edition  of the Newsletter is now available.  It is now possible to subscribe ! (please click here)

This quarterly Newsletter provides up-to-date information on the activities of the Network of the Schools of Political Studies. It should serve as a tool for the Schools themselves, but also provide useful information to friends and supporters of the Schools. It forms an element of the Council of the Europe Strategy for the Schools of Political Studies which aims to reinforce their visibility and their impact. Read third edition (July 2013), second edition (March 2013)  and first edition (November 2012).


Inauguration of the Visegrád School of Political Studies, Warsaw, 18 September

visegrad The Visegrád School of Political Studies will be inaugurated on Wednesday 18 September 2013 in Warsaw, (Poland), in presence of  two guests of honour: Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The inauguration was be followed by the first seminar of the School.

Programme of the inauguration

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Launch of the School of Political Studies in Cameroon



The Moscow School of Civic Education celebrates its 20th anniversary (April 2013)

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Moscow School of Civic Education organised on 25-27 April 2013 in Golitsyno near Moscow the seminar "Moscow School: 20 years".  20 years ago, on 4 April 1993, the Moscow School of Civic Education held its first seminar on "Politics, economics and national relationships". For the past two decades, the School has contributed to the objective of transforming Russia into a truly open and democratic civil society which functions effectively.

The School’s seminars, which focus on the most important and complex problems of modern times, offer young leaders a unique platform for open debates and free-thinking. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Moscow School of Political Studies invited its Alumni from all over Russia to the above mentioned seminar. The connection between power and society, power and personality as well as the question of morality in politics will be the key topics of the event. The School’s Alumni will debate with prominent national and international personalities.

Catherine Lalumière, President of the European Association of Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe, delivere a speech on "Power, Personality and Political Institutions". For more information and the programme, please visit the website of the Moscow School.

Watch interview  by Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland


MoroccoMoroccan School of Political Studies - Launching conference (15.03.2013)

Programme The inauguration of the Tunisian School of Politics had taken place on 8 January 2013 in Tunis, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who delivered a speech on this occasion. The inauguration was preceded by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding about the Council of Europe’s presence in Tunisia by the Council of Europe and the Tunisian authorities.

Both Schools are being set up in the framework of the Council of Europe new neighbourhood policy. Independent NGOs like the sixteen existing Schools in Central and Eastern Europe, the new Schools’ objective will be to train new generations of political, economic, social and cultural leaders. Through annual series of seminars related to democracy, human rights and the rule of law, the new Schools will make a concrete contribution to the ongoing transitional processes in their countries.

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PopovJulian Popov was appointed Minister of Environment and Water (15.03.2013)

On 13 March 2013 Julian Popov was appointed Minister of Environment and Water in the Caretaker government of Bulgaria. Mr Popov, Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian School of Politics, is a renowned expert and journalist, who published numerous articles in Bulgarian and European media on European policy, EU enlargement, energy, sustainable development and low carbon economy. For almost twenty years, Mr Popov has been working as an advisor in institutional development, public relations and educational policy for a number of prestigious organisations such as European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Commission, the British Open University and the European Association of Distance Learning Universities. Mr Popov’s recent projects have included work on a “Quality and impact assessment manual for the Schools of Political Studies”, aiming to facilitate knowledge sharing on training methods between Schools and to enhance their capacity to build new partnerships.

Seminars organised by the Schools in October, November and December 2013:
  • Albania: Seminars on "Academic and essay writing", "Civil society and groups of interest"  and "freedom of expression and the role of media" (August to September)
  • Armenia: Opening ceremony of 2013-2014 study year and one-day seminar, Yerevan, Armenia, September, "European integration of Armenia"
  • Belarus:  workshop for planning of the EESPS’ Activity for 2013, common meeting of School’s Administration, Advisory Council and Alumni Council, Vilnius, Lithuania (August)
  • Bulgaria: National programme "Governing Skills" 2013/2014 course, "Leadership, Organisation, Communication", Pravetz, Bulgaria, Sofia, October
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Seminar  of the Bosnia & Herzegovina School of Political Studies, Przno-Budva, Montenegro, 19-22 September
  • Croatia:
    • 3rd Annual Seminar "Croatia at the bottom or at a beginning: models and experiences in re-launching the economy", Zagreb, Croatia, 27-29 September
    • Annual Conference of the APD and 3rd annual seminar, Zadar, Croatia, 20-22 September
    • RAD International Study Visit
    • Women for Democracy and Equality; Activity: 1st round table on gender equality, Kragujevac, Serbia, September
  • Georgia :
    • National seminar "Post-electoral Political culture", 17-18 October, Gudauri, Georgia
    • Seminar on "Towards a Democratic Culture of Elections", Georgia, 24-26 October
  • Morocco:
    • Second seminar on "Les processus de participation, éléments pour une démocratie délibérative" (Particicipation process, elements for a deliberative democracy), Tanger, 12-15 September
    • Third Seminar on "Maitrise du cycle de projet de développement et évaluation des politiques publiques" (control of project development cycle and assessment of public policies), Eljadida, 17-20 October
  • Montenegro:
    • Seminar on the rule of law, Budva, Montenegro, September
    • Workshop on the subject of EE in Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro, September
    • Seminar on "Challenges of Europeanisation in Montenegro", Becici, Montenegro, 3-5 October
  • Serbia:
    • Project: Belgrade Security Forum (BSF), International conference, Belgrade, Serbia, 19-21 September
    • Third seminar: European Integration and Local Development – Towards Successful Strategies and Good Governance, September, East Serbia Region, September
    • Second seminar on "Local Networking for Sustainable Development", Belgrade, 4-6 October
    • 2nd round table on gender equality: Women for Democracy and Equality, , Nis, Serbia, October
    • Press conference on Public Dialogue Initiative, Belgrade, Serbia, October
    • 3rd round table on gender equality: "Women for Democracy and Equality", Novi Sad, Serbia, October
    • Fourth seminar, European Integration and Local Development - Towards successful strategies and good governance, East Serbia Region, 18-20 October
  • Tunis School :
    • Second seminar on "Les processus de participation, éléments pour une démocratie délibérative" (Particicipation process, elements for a deliberative democracy), Tanger, Tunisie, 12-15 September
    • Seminar on assessment of the political situation in the region and the developments in the last two years, Tunisia, 11-13 October
  • Ukraine: USPS Third 2013 Seminar, Lviv, Ukraine, 26-29 September
  • Russian Federation
    • Seminars on 'Law, Politics, Economy, Mass Media', Golitsyno, Moscow Region, 9-16 June
    • Federal seminar for emerging civil leaders 'Law, Politics, Economy, Mass Media', 21-27 July, Golitsyno, Moscow Region
  • Visegrad School: Inauguration and first annual seminar of the School, Warsaw, 18-21 September
  • 4th RAD Seminar 'International law and the role of the international organisations",  9-12 November, Durres, Albania (RAD: Regional Academy for Democracy - Project Coordinator: BFPE; Project Partners: SPS Tirana, SPS Sarajevo, SPS Zagreb, SPS Pristina, SPS Skopje, SPS Podgorica, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • 2012

    The Schools of Political Studies at the World Forum for Democracy (5-11 October 2012)


    The participants of the 16 existing Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe chosen for the 2012 annual cycle as well as representatives of the two newly created Schools (Tunisia, Morrocco) participated in the first World Forum for Democracy. In addition to their attending the different events of the Forum, the School participants exchanged views with their peers in regional meetings of Schools and met the judges of the European Court of Human rights from their countries. Read more..  -   Photo gallery

    In bringing together high-ranking political officials, leading public figures, Nobel Peace Prize winners and civil society activists, the World Forum allowed for an exchange of experiences and perceptions and helped identify risks as well as possible answers to today’s societal challenges. Read more



    6th Summer University for Democracy (Strasbourg, 27-29 June 2011)

    Around 500 participants from the network of Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe, as well as experts and personalities from around the world attended the 6th edition of the Summer University for Democracy, which addressed the issue of "Ethics and Politics".