Back New cycle starts for the Schools of Political Studies with directors’ meeting

On 23 June, the Directors of the Schools of Political Studies (SPS) gathered for their first meeting of 2023. This gathering was special as it marked the beginning of a new three-year grant cycle (2023-2025) for the selected representatives from the 16 Schools. This meeting was not limited to the European continent alone. It went beyond borders to include two Schools from Morocco and Tunisia.
Event Strasbourg, France 23 June 2023
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New cycle starts for the Schools of Political Studies with directors’ meeting

The Reykjavík Principles for Democracy will shape the priorities of the organisation in the future and serve as the basis in the effort of providing effective responses to democratic backsliding. It reminds member States of their obligations in different areas such as participation, education for democracy and the role of civil society, particularly relevant for the Schools”

stated Matjaž Gruden, Director of Democratic Participation, in the opening of the meeting. 

The Schools’ representatives shared views on how to promote competences for democratic culture and discussed with guest speaker Mr Alain Lamassoure, former French minister and Chair of the Governing Board of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe (OHTE).

History teaching is no longer a way to hand over ancient hatred to new generations. Inside the European family, national identity is now Europe-friendly and world-friendly. Therefore, those who, like your students, prepare for political responsibilities in all our countries must know history – not only their national history but also that of neighbouring countries, history of Europe and history of the world”

said Mr Lamassoure prior to establishing links between the work of the Schools and OHTE, specifically focusing on the role of political leaders in history and political education.

The participants brought their expertise and passion to the table. Their collective efforts will shape the future of political education and foster democratic values in their respective regions. 

Participants also seized the occasion to discuss and prepare the involvement of the Schools in the 11th World Forum for Democracy, whose theme is “Democracy=Peace?”