New cycle starts for the Schools of Political Studies with directors’ meeting

Event 23 June 2023 Strasbourg, France

The Reykjavík Principles for Democracy will shape the priorities of the organisation in the future and serve as the basis in the effort of providing effective responses to democratic backsliding. It reminds member States of their obligations in different areas such as participation, education for...

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Apply to the call for projects 2023-25 until 5 December 2022

30 November 2022

The Education Department is opening a possibility to apply to the call for projects of the Schools of Political Studies 2023-25 until 5 December 2022 (23h59 CET). Please find all the relevant information about the call here: Call for projects 2023-25 enlarged - News ( Please note that...

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Deadline: 30 November 2022

Call for projects 2023-25 enlarged

4 November 2022

The Council of Europe is looking for partners to bring added value to its work in the field of Schools of Political Studies. As a School of Political Studies you are a prestigious national or regional body running annual series of seminars and conferences for dynamic and enterprising young...

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Schools of Political Studies and the World Forum for Democracy

07/10/2020 Online

The 2020 edition of the World Forum for Democracy, entitled “Can Democracy save the environment?”, has been postponed to 8-10 November 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahead of the Forum a series of satellite events is foreseen to explore the topic. Some of the Schools of Political Studies...

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4th Pilot Seminar: “Democratic governance of migration: aligning the national and the local”

27/11/2019 Greece

The 4th Pilot Seminar of the Project "Setting up a Council of Europe Academy for Democratic Leadership for Persons with a Refugee Background", the theme of which is “Democratic governance of migration: aligning the national and the local” is being organised from 9-11 December 2019 in Athens,...

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Civic Roundtable - Democracy and Information: Friends or Foes?

7-8 October 2019  Kyiv, Ukraine

The fourth edition of the Civic Roundtable, entitled “Democracy and Information: Friends or Foes” was a one-and-a-half-day event where SPS alumni had the opportunity to gather and discuss questions regarding the future of democracy and information in Europe and beyond. It was organised by the...

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The Directors of the Schools of Political Studies held their Spring meeting

24 - 25 May 2018 Strasbourg

The 2 yearly meetings of the Directors of Schools of Political studies provide opportunities for them to exchange on recent and possible future developments with regard to the Network of Schools and to consider past and forthcoming events from each School’s perspective. The 2018 Spring meeting...

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The School of Montenegro celebrates its 15th anniversary

15 December Montenegro

The School of Democratic Leadership, which was created in 2003, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. The celebration took place on 15 December 2017 in the framework of a Forum organised by the School on 'Integrations - Dialogue - Development, which was opened by H.E. Srdjan Darmanovic, Minister...

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The Schools Network has completed 25 years

22 November 2017 Berlin

The Network of the Schools of Political Studies celebrated its 25th Anniversary. At this occasion, a seminar on "In Search of Lost Universalism" was held on 22-23 November in Berlin, at which the Secretary General of the Council of Europe delivered a video message at the opening session. The...

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Sixth edition of World Forum for Democracy

Schools at World Forum for Democracy 2017: 'Is populism a problem?'

8 - 10 November 2017 Council of Europe, Strasbourg

As for previous sessions, participants from Council of Europe schools of Political studies attended the 6th session of the World Forum for Democracy, which topic in 2017 was 'Is populism a problem?'. In addition to the overall Forum events, special events had been organised specifically for the...

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