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[03.12.2012]– European Film Awards: 3 films, 6 awards! (more...)

[01.12.2012]– Co-Production Award - Prix EURIMAGES - for Helena Danielsson (more...)

[22.11.2012]Shun Li and the Poet wins the LUX Prize (more...)

[19.11.2012]– Eurimages Co-Production Development Award in Rome (more...)

[15.11.2012]– A new tribute to the President of Eurimages (more...)

[13.11.2012]– Etoiles et Toiles du Cinéma Européen: and the winners are... (more...)

[12.11.2012]- Eurimages Prize in Seville: Paradise: Faith by Ulrich Seidl ex-aequo with Sister by Ursula Meier (more...)

[23.10.2012]Araf among winners at Abu Dhabi Film Festival (more...)

[23.10.2012]– Fonteyne's Tango Libre wins Warsaw Grand Prix (more...)

[15.10.2012]Vanishing Waves picks up Méliès d'Or at Sitges (more...)

[01.10.2012]– Blancanieves awarded Jury Special Prize in San Sebastian (more...)

[10.09.2012] – 2 films supported by Eurimages awarded at the Venice Film Festival (more...)

[03.09.2012]– The Last Sentence by Jan Troell rewarded in Montreal (more...)

[16.07.2012]– The Heart of Sarajevo melts for Everybody in our Family (more...)

[02.07.2012]– Nastri d'Argento: Sorrention and Giordana rewarded (more...)

[29.05.2012]– Another Palme d'Or for Michael Haneke... and Eurimages! (more...)

[19.04.2012]- International Istanbul Film Festival: "Just the Wind" wins the FACE Award of the Council of Europe (more...)

[13.04.2012]- Study on the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production (more...)

[14.03.2012]– Eurimages Board of Management reaffirms its confidence in the Executive Director (more...)

[28.02.2012]– 2 Eurimages Films awarded at the Césars (more...)

[21.02.2012]- European cinema triumphs in Berlin (more...)

[02.02.2012]- Eurimages Co-Production Development Award at Rotterdam's Cinemart (more...)


[13.12.2011] - Eurimages mooting idea of associate membership of the likes of South Africa, Argentina (more...)

[05.12.2011] - 5 European Film Awards for Eurimages supported films (more...)

[08.11.2011] - The award winners of the 12th edition of “Etoiles et Toiles” of European Cinema (more...)

[06.11.2011] - Eurimages Co-production Development Prize (more...)

[18.11.2011] - 11th Seville European Film Festival (more...)

[25.09.2011] - The Double Steps wins the Golden Shell (more...)

[18.08.2011]– Din dragoste cu cele mai bune intentii (Best Intentions) received two awards in Locarno (more...)

[04.08.2011] – Eurimages Co-production Development Prize awarded in Sarajevo (more...)

[23.05.2011] - 5 Eurimages Films win Awards in Cannes (more...)

[19.04.2011] - International Istanbul Film Festival: "As if I'm not there" wins the FACE Award of the Council of Europe (more...)

[21.02.2011] - The Jury Grand Prize for "The Turin Horse" by Béla Tarr in Berlin (more...)

[15.02.2011] - 2 Eurimages films awarded at the 25th edition of the Goyas (more...)

[10.02.2011] - 4 Eurimages films awarded at the "1st Magritte du Cinéma" (more...)

[04.02.2011] - Eurimages at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (more...)


[06.12.2010]Eurimages rewarded by two Prizes for European Cinema - EFA (more...)

[30.11.2010] - "Into Eternity" wins prize at the 23rd International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (more...)

[22.11.2010] - Essential Killing takes top prize at Mar del Plata (more...)

[15.11.2010] - Eurimages at the 10th Seville European Film Festival (more...)

[08.11.2010] - White White World wins Cottbus top prize (more...)

[27.10.2010] - The award winners of the 11th edition of the "Etoiles et Toiles" of European Cinema event (more...)

[04.10.2010] – Quattro Volte wins the First Prize at the Reykjavik Festival and triumphs in Annecy! (more...)

[04.10.2010] – Sennentuntschi to be shown at the opening film of the Zurich Film Festival (more..)

[27.09.2010] – San Sebastian Festival: 2 Eurimages films selected in official competition and the Prize for Best Screenplay (more...)

[13.09.2010] – Two European co-productions supported by Eurimages rewarded at the Venice Film Festival (more...)

[08.09.2010] - Eurimages head of the Awards in Montréal! (more...)

[19.08.2010] - First edition of the Eurimages Prize for the Development of Co-production (more...)

[19.08.2010] - Just Between Us wins 7 Golden Arenas at Pula (more...)

[16.08.2010]Two films supported by Eurimages were selected in international competition at the Locarno Film Festival (more...)

[13.07.2010] - 45th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (more...)

[29.06.2010] – The Eurimages Prize for the Development of Co-production (Press release )

[16.06.2010] - Special Distinction for Eurimages at the Animation Film Festival of Annecy (more...)

[24.05.2010]- Cannes Film Festival 2010 (more...)

[20.04.2010] - International Istanbul Film Festival: "Ajami" wins the FACE Award of the Council of Europe (more...)

[20.02.2010] - Another Golden Bear for Eurimages! (more...)

[25.01.2010]15 César awards nominations for Eurimages' supported films (more...)

[18.01.2010] – Triumph for the Eurimages' supported co-production The White Ribbon (more...)


[14.12.2009] - The White Ribbon, big winner of the European Film Awards... (more...)

[25.11.2009] - 2009 Lux Prize: And the winner is... "Welcome" ! (more...)

[15.11.2009] - MedFilm Festival 2009: The Eurimages Italy Award goes –to “Pandora’s Box” (more...)

[14.11.2009] - “Lourdes” wins Best Film at Seville Festival (more...)

[12.11.2009] - “Home” and “Three Monkeys” rewarded at the “Etoiles et Toiles du Cinéma Européen” Festival (more...)

[07.11.2009] - Six nominations for Eurimages’ supported films at the European Film Awards 2009 (more...)

[17.10.2009] - Diana Elbaum (Entre Chien et Loup, Brussels) and Jani Thiltges (Samsa Film, Luxembourg), winners of the Prix Eurimages 2009 (more...)

[22.09.2009] - Eurimages celebrates its 20th anniversary (more...)

[14.09.2009] - Nine prizes for Eurimages-supported films at the Venice Film Festival (more...)

[24.08.2009] - “Ordinary People” wins the prize for Best Film at Sarajevo Film Festival (more...)

[19.08.2009] - Two films supported by Eurimages awarded at the 62nd International Film Festival of Locarno (more...)

[27.07.2009] - Albania joins Eurimages (more...)

[16.06.2009] - Five Eurimages films amongst ten shortlisted for the European Film Prize (more...)

[25.05.2009] - Fifth Palme d’Or for Eurimages (more...)

[20.04.2009] - Istanbul: Council of Europe Film Award ceremony (more...)

[01.03.2009] - Two César for Eurimages (more...)


[06.12.2008] - The Prix EURIMAGES awarded to the producers Bettina Brokemper and Vibeke Windeløw (more...)

[17.11.2008] - Winners at the MedFilm Festival (more...)

[17.11.2008] - Two important Prizes and a new collaboration for Eurimages at the Seville Festival (more...)

[23.10.2008]"Etoiles et Toiles" of European Cinema, 9th Edition (7-28 October 2008) (more...)

[22.10.2008] – "Lorna's Silence" winner of the European Parliament LUX Prize for Cinema (more...)

[29.09.2008]"Pandora's Box" wins the Golden Shell at San Sebastian (more...)

[08.09.2008] – Venice Film Festival (more...)

[02.09.2008] – Montreal World Film Festival (more...)

[25.05.2008] - 61st Cannes Film Festival (more...)

[22.04.2008] - Golden Tulip and People’s Choice Awards go to “Yumurta” - Council of Europe Film Award (FACE) (more...)

[25.02.2008] - The César for Best actress in a supporting role was awarded to Julie Depardieu for her performance in the film "Un secret" by Claude Miller, supported by Eurimages. (more...)

[18.02.2008] - 58th International Film Festival of Berlin (more...)


[03.12.2007] - European Film Awards - three "European Film Awards" were given to films supported by Eurimages in Berlin (more...)

[30.10.2007] - "Etoiles et Toiles" of European Cinema, 8th Edition (11-30 October 2007) (more...)

[25.09.2007] - Ilmar Raag’s directorial debut The Class has been selected by the Estonian Oscar committee as the national candidate (more...)

[25.11.2007] - Sarajevo Film Festival (17-25 August) - 4 awards for the films supported by Eurimages which were selected in Sarajevo (more...)

[25.04.2007] - Eurimages supported films rewarded in Istanbul (more...)

[31.03.2007] - The 26th International Istanbul Film Festival will take place from 31 March to 15 April 2007. More information

[31.03.2007] - The Council of Europe presents the FACE award at the International Istanbul Film Festival to the director of a film that raises public awareness and interest in human rights issues and creates better understanding and importance. More information

[13.03.2007] - Cartoon Movie - Avant world-premiere of the "Princess of the Sun" and Cartoon Movie Tribute 2007 in the category of Best Director of the Year for "The Ugly Duckling and Me" (more...)

[12.03.2007] - Sofia International Film Festival - Serbian filmmaker Srdan Golubovic's family drama-thriller The Trap (Klopka) won the Grand Prix at this year's Sofia International Film Festival (more...)

[20.02.2007] - Two Eurimages films awarded at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival (more...)

[01.02.2007] - The films supported by Eurimages selected at the Berlin International Film Festival (more...)

[24.01.2007] - 34e International Film Festival Rotterdam (more...)

[24.01.2007] - 57th Berlin International Film Festival (more...)


[16.11.2006] - Eurimages Prize at the Seville Film Festival and at MedFilm in Rome (more...)

[29.09.2006] - Inheritance of the Cinemas of Europe: 7th edition - Cinema Odyssée - 4 to 24 october 2006 (more...)

[28.09.2006] - Films supported by Eurimages awarded in Antalya during two Festivals (more...)

[19.09.2006] - Berlinale Co-Production Market (more...)

[11.09.2006] - Two Silver Lions for Eurimages at 2006 Venice Film Festival (more...)

[09.03.2006] - The film « Grbavica » supported by Eurimages has been banished from the Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina (more...)

[03.03.2006] - Two Eurimages-supported films nominated for the 2006 Oscars (more...)

[20.02.2006] - Golden Bear award goes to Eurimages-funded film “Grbavica” (more...)


[28.10.05] - European films and education for democratic citizenship (read...)
[23.05.05] - One, two, three… fourth Palme d'Or for Eurimages! (read...)
[01.03.05] - Mar Adentro wins best foreign language Oscar (read...)


[11.12.04] - 17th Edition of the European Films Awards (Barcelona , 11 December 2004) (read...)
[01.12.04] - Eurimages celebrates its thousandth co-production with animated film “Nocturna” (read...)
[13.11.04] - Sevilla Film Festival 2004 (read...)
[13.09.04] - Venice prizes for two films supported by the Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund (read...)


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