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Education Newsletter No.32
Winter 2013/2014

Education Newsletter No.31

Education Newsletter No.30

Education Newsletter No.29

Education Newsletter No.28

Special issue for the 23rd session of the Council of Europe Standing Conference of Ministers of Education

Education Newsletter No.27

Special issue on “Remembrance”… Lest we forget


Education Newsletter No.26


Special issue “A Child’s View of Human Rights”
September 2008


Education Newsletter No.25
Spring 2008


Special issue “World Programme for Human Rights Education”
February 2008


Education Newsletter No.24
Autumn-Winter 2007


Special issue “22nd Session of the Standing Conference of European Ministers of Education”


The latest edition – No23 (pdf format)
Summer 2007


No22 (pdf format)
Spring 2007


No21 (pdf format)
Autumn 2006


No20 (pdf format)
Spring – Summer 2006


Special issue on “Citizenship through Education” (pdf format)
April 2006
Russian version also available


No19 (pdf format)
Winter 2005 - 2006


No 18 (pdf format)
Autumn 2005

Bosnian version also available


Special issue on "Remembrance"…Lest we forget (pdf format)

June 2005



No 17 (pdf format)

May 2005



No 16 (pdf format)

June 2004

No 15 (pdf format)

September 2003



No 13 and 14 (pdf format)

September 2002



No 12 (pdf format)

October 2001


No 11 (pdf format)

January 2001


No 10 (pdf format)

August 2000


No 8-9 (pdf format)

November 1999-Mars 2000


No 7 (pdf format)

August 1999


No 6 (pdf format)

November 1998


No 5 (pdf format)

April 1998


No 3-4 (pdf format)

December 1997


No 2 (pdf format)

December 1996


No 1 (pdf format)

June 1996