MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

26 – 28 March 2014, Lisbon (Portugal)
Testing a Tool on Media Diversity Inclusiveness
European Encounter
Watch the MEDIANE Encounter LIVE. Click here if the above video does not work.

Based on participants’ practices and experiences, the second MEDIANE European Encounter will develop and implement various workshops and speed-dating sessions aiming at guiding Mediane Team and Partners in the building and finalisation of the MEDIANE Index on Diversity Inclusiveness and in the definition of a very concrete and practical content to the approach of diversity inclusiveness in media context.

During the MEDIANE European Encounter in Lisbon a number of distance working groups will be following the encounter online. Some of the groups listed below will parallelly organise and webcast their group working sessions online, which will be streamed
Berlin - N-OST - Germany / Allemagne
Birmingham - BCU School of Media - United Kingdom / Royaume-Uni
Bologna - RAI Emilia Romagna - Italy / Italie
Bordeaux - Institut du Journalisme Bordeaux Aquitaine - France
Brussels - ULB - Université Libre de Bruxelles - Belgium / Belgique
Coimbra - Coimbra University / Communication and Culture Section - Portugal
Constanta - Constanta Journalism School - Romania / Roumanie
Guarda - IP Guarda - Portugal
London - City University London - United Kingdom / Royaume-Uni
Nicosia - CCMC - Cyprus Community Media Centre - Cyprus / Chypre
Paris - Institut Pratique du Journalisme - France
Rome - RAI Radio Tre - Italy / Italie
Seville - EUSA / El Mundo - Spain / Espagne


Conditions of participation
- Participants living outside the hosting country will be provided with a prepaid travel ticket by the EU/CoE MEDIANE Joint Initiative
- Participants living in the hosting country and outside the hosting city shall organise their journey directly and will have their travel expenses reimbursed (invoice to be provided).
- Participants living outside the hosting city and needing accommodation will be provided a per diem of 130€ per night spent in the city (hotel invoice to be provided) and each participant is asked to organise his/her own accommodation (list of hotels available on request).
- Participants living in Portugal but outside the hosting city may have their travel expenses reimbursed (invoice to be provided)
- Per diem and travel costs will be reimbursed via bank transfer after the encounter; a maximum of 6 weeks is needed before participants receive their reimbursement.