Culture, Heritage and Diversity


The first Council of Europe Cultural Routes Summer School


The EPA secretariat and the Institute are organising this extensive week-long training session at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg on 3-7 September.


The training targets all areas of routes management and will follow the chapters of a new "manual-in-progress" now being developed by our experts, which will be published for the start of 2013. Each route will be invited to name one participant, then any remaining places will be opened to new projects and members of networks.


A maximum of 40 people can fit in, so routes are invited to let us know as soon as possible who will attend. We will make the sessions as interactive as possible, so that those who canít make can follow the work at a distance. Holding the course at the Council of Europeís Youth Centre will allow routes to gain a closer experience of our Organisation and its activities and an even stronger awareness of the added value of the cultural routes programme for international cooperation at all levels.


We hope to make the summer school an annual event.