Rights of Persons with Disabilities

European Co-ordination Forum (CAHPAH 2006-2015) 
The promotion, implementation and follow-up of the Disability Action Plan is overseen by the European Co-ordination Forum for the Council of Europe Disability Action Plan 2006-2015 (CAHPAH), assisted by a Bureau. The Forum is a multidisciplinary committee of disability experts from all 47 member states, the observer states, various Council of Europe bodies and committees, and several international organisations both governmental and non-governmental. It is a real multi-stakeholder coordination body facilitating the mainstreaming of disability issues in all relevant policy areas (sector responsibility) in the Organisation and its member states. This work is particularly appropriate in the light of the challenges faced by contemporary society in its efforts to promote inclusion and participation for all.

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Drafting Committee on Evaluation Criteria (CAHPAH-DCEC)
Between 2007 and 2010, the CAHPAH Forum was assisted in reviewing progress made in the implementation of the Action Plan by the Drafting committee on evaluation criteria (CAHPAH-DCEC). The Committee has elaborated a progress review methodology and evaluation criteria.

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Committee of Experts on participation of people with disabilities in political and public life (CAHPAH-PPL)
The Committee of experts on participation of people with disabilities in political and public life (CAHPAH-PPL) is subordinate body of the CAHPAH Forum. People with disabilities should be able to exercise their right to vote and participate in political and public activities on the same footing as other citizens. Efforts must be made to create an environment where people with disabilities are encouraged and are able to participate in politics at local, regional, national and international levels.

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Achieving full participation through Universal Design, 2009

Enhancing rights and inclusion of ageing people with disabilities and older people with disabilities: a European perspective

Major Events

Recent Events

Council of Europe Disability Action Plan - Mid-term Review Conference
“Achievements and Challenges – taking stock and showing the way forward”
9-10 December 2010, Istanbul, Turkey
European Conference “Ageing and Disability. Promoting human rights of persons with disabilities and the elderly”, 26-27 October, Portorož, Slovenia

European Conference "Implementation of the Council of Europe Action Plan to promote the rights and full participation of people with disabilities in society 2006-2015"

30-31 May 2011, Odessa, Ukraine