Building a Europe for and with children

Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

(also includes viewpoints and memorandums from the Commissioner's Office)
Adoption should only be agreed when in the child’s best interests
Positions on children’s rights - Position Paper from the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
“Children coming alone as migrants should not be automatically returned” says Commissioner Hammarberg launching the “Human Rights Comment”
Ljubljana, 6 October 2009: “Children must be the actors of their rights”
Viewpoint: National parliaments can do more to promote human rights
Memorandum: issue – corporal punishment/United Kingdom 
Viewpoint: The key to the promotion of Roma rights - early and inclusive education
Issue paper, updated version Jan. 2008: "The right not to be hit, also a children's right "
Viewpoint: Europe is moving towards a total ban of domestic violence against children
Warsaw, 20 November: Universal Children's Day: "Children have the right to be heard and adults should listen to their views"
Viewpoint: "Lister seriously to the views of children"
Strasbourg, 17 September, Conference on International Justice for Children: "Making international and regional human rights complaints/communications mechanisms child-friendly",
Strasbourg, 10 July: Viewpoint - "Europe is not free from child poverty"
Warsaw, 20 March: Save the Children-Sweden conference, "The rights of children in migration must be defended"
Belfast, 8 February: Children's Law Centre Annual Lecture 2007 "The impact of conflict on children: healing the past and securing the future"
8 January 2007: Viewpoint: "It's wrong to punish child victims"
St Peterburg, 21 September: "Human rights for persons with disabilities", conference on "Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in Europe "
Moscow, 5-6 July: "The human rights dimension of juvenile justice"
Palencia, 19 June 2006: "The rights of the child: present challenges"
6 June 2006: issue paper - "The right not to be hit, also a children's right"
Stockholm, 28 April 2006: "Protection of the rights of children at risk"
Monaco, 5 April 2006: "Building a Europe for and with children" conference