Building a Europe for and with children

Survey for children and young people on child friendly justice

You are 17 years old or under,

You have already been in contact with the legal system (for example because your parents have divorced or because you have done something ‘wrong’),

You know someone who has been in contact with the legal system, or

You have only seen the law in action on TV,

… you want to tell us what you think?


The Council of Europe is listening!


What is the Council of Europe?

The Council of Europe protects the human rights of people who live in 47 different countries in the continent of Europe. 150 million children and young people are affected by its work.


Child friendly justice

The Council of Europe has written some rules (or guidelines) to protect children's rights in justice. It wants to find out children and young people's views and experiences before finishing and publishing the rules.


The guidelines will cover lots of different decisions about the law and individual children and young people's lives, such as:

• Who you will live with if your parents are separating or getting divorced

• What happens if you are the victim of a crime (including abuse against you)

• What happens if you have been arrested by the police or charged with committing a crime

• How can you make complaints about how you are treated


Click here to see what other kinds of decisions will be covered by the guidelines:


About this survey:

The survey will close at midnight on 31 March 2010.

The survey is private: although we are going to put all the answers together and publish them, we will not tell anyone which answers came from you. So no-one will be identified.

You do not have to answer every question. Just answer the questions you think apply to you. For some questions, you can choose more than one answer.

If you want to send in your views in another way (such as a drawing, photograph or report) you can send them to:  by 31 March 2010.

Now it's over to you!: LINK TO QUESTIONNAIRE