Building a Europe for and with children

Reports under preparation in the Parliamentary Assembly

Reports are not legal texts in themselves but form the basis of future legal texts. They are intended to lead the Assembly to adopt one of three types of text:

- resolutions (adopted by a simple majority, dealing with matters within the institutional competence of the Assembly;
- recommendations (adopted by a two-thirds majority, calling for action from the Committee of Ministers;
- opinions (adopted by a simple majority and expressing the Assembly's view and proposals, usually on draft conventions.

 The following reports on children's issues are under preparation:

- Guaranteeing a right to schooling for children with illness or disabilities

- The rights of today's girls, the rights of tomorrow's women

Children without parental care: urgent need for action

Promotion of Internet and online media services appropriate for minors (Not in French)

Children as witness of domestic violence

Social measures, education and rehabilitation of young offenders

Prohibiting the marketing and use of the "mosquito" youth dispersal device (Not in French)