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The Brussels Office:
Council of Europeís link to the European Union in Brussels

In 1975 the Council of Europe established a Liaison office to the European Union Institutions in Brussels. Over the years, Council of Europe officials have been co-operating with the European Union Headquarters in a number of areas within their competences.

Following decisions at the Warsaw Summit in 2005, and recommendations of a report of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean- Claude Juncker in 2006, the Council of Europe and the European Union on 11 May 2007 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), creating a new framework for enhanced co-operation and political dialogue. The MoU represented a new phase of the co-operation, highlighting the complementarity between the two organisations and giving a framework for developing relations and promoting human rights, democratic stability and the rule of law throughout the European continent, and pursuing co-operation in fields as intercultural dialogue, education, youth and social cohesion.

As of 2008 the Council of Europeís Brussels Office has been up-graded by a Special Representative of the Secretary General at Ambassadorís level, while the EU is represented in Strasbourg by an Ambassador of the European Commission. (more...)