Local capacity building on Transparency and Access to Government Information

21 and 22 May 2024 Igman, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In a pluralistic and democratic society, the transparency of public authorities is of utmost importance. The right of access to official documents provides the public with essential information, enabling them to form opinions about the actions of public authorities. The transparency of public...

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The Council of Europe participated in regional events on Countering Trafficking in Human Beings in the Western Balkans

13 May to 17 May 2024 Budva, Montenegro

The Council of Europe project “Strengthening anti-trafficking action in Bosnia and Herzegovina” provided support to two regional events, which took place in Budva, Montenegro. The regional training of trainers on digital investigations and victim-centred interviewing techniques was organised by...

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Closing the policy gaps for combatting digital and sexual violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina

14 May 2024 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 14 May 2024 in Mostar the Council of Europe event "Harmonizing legal responses: Gap analysis on digital and sexual violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ convened executive policy-makers, representatives of executive and legislative bodies, judicial and law enforcement...

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Second session of Human Rights Training for Newly Appointed Judges and Prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2024)

13-15 May 2024 Banja Luka and Sarajevo

The Council of Europe conducted the second session of Initial Training Program in Sarajevo on 14 -15 May 2024 and in Banja Luka on 13-14 May 2024 for 59 newly appointed judges and prosecutors. This training was organised in collaboration with the Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centres of the...

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Police managers in Bosnia - Herzegovina affirm manuals on interviewing and public gatherings

16-17 May 2024 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The new methodology for conducting police interviews and operational procedures for policing public gatherings were the key issues discussed at the meeting of 55 most senior police officials at their 3rd annual co-ordination meeting held on 16-17 May 2023 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)....

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Online course on hate speech now available for civil servants of Bosnia and Herzegovina and as an open source to public

26 APRIL 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Agency) with the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, launched in April 2024 the first online course for civil servants on recognising and responding to cases of hate speech. The course, based on an earlier developed Manual,...

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Launching of a training of trainers for police officers and labour inspectors from Bosnia and Herzegovina on combating labour trafficking


In order to ensure local ownership and to increase the outreach work on the identification of victims of human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation, the Council of Europe project “Strengthening anti-trafficking action in Bosnia and Herzegovina” launched a training of trainers (ToT)...

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First group of pilot schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared to become resource centers for democratic culture

23 to 25 April 2024 Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The third and final activity for teachers from seven pilot schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), organised within the joint European Union/Council of Europe action “Quality education for all”, took place in Bijeljina from 23 to 25 April. Forty primary and secondary teachers participated in the...

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Equal rights for all: European Union and Council of Europe support opening of first LGBTI shelter in Bosnia and Herzegovina

25 APRIL 2024 Sarajevo

The European Union and the Council of Europe have provided a grant to the Wings of Hope Foundation from Sarajevo, for the opening of the first LGBTI shelter in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This shelter is open to LGBTI victims of domestic violence from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who need a...

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Working Group discusses Safety of Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina

23-24 April 2024 Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Are journalists truly safe and adequately protected in Bosnia and Herzegovina? This question extends beyond the concerns of media professionals; it resonates as a societal issue affecting us all. Bringing together representatives from pivotal beneficiary and partner institutions across the state,...

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Manual for police education on equality & non-discrimination: a new resource for police trainers in the Western Balkans


The Manual for police education on equality & non-discrimination translated into local languages of the Western Balkans is finally out and available for download. Law enforcement plays a key role in combating racism and racial discrimination, and in promoting human rights, democracy, and the rule...

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The CEPEJ co-organises a regional workshop aimed at development of a “Hub” dedicated to new technologies in justice systems

16 and 17 April 2024 Jahorina (Sarajevo), Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), in close cooperation with the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC BiH), co-organised a regional workshop entitled “Advancing the HJPC BiH regional ICT (information and communication technologies)...

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Purchase of internet access for the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo


The Council of Europe office in Sarajevo is currently implementing 14 projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that context, it is looking for a Provider for the provision of internet access at 150/150 Mbps and technical support 24/7/365 (see Section A of the Act of Engagement). Deadline for...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prison directors further enhance knowledge on effective management of violent extremist prisoners

17 April 2024 Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For effective management of prisoners, it is essential for senior level prison management to regularly renew and enhance their knowledge of the latest international and domestic developments in the field. Therefore, the Council of Europe organised an awareness raising workshop for all prison...

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New municipalities join the Open Government Partnership local programme

18 April 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Congress congratulates all new OGP Local members, and in particular Modriča and Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Causeni and Leova (Republic of Moldova), and Kyiv and Orzhytsia – Zviahel (Ukraine). Congress remains committed to support local authorities who are championing the principles of...

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Start of a systematic human rights training for the newly appointed judges and prosecutors (2024) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 - 16 April 2024 Sarajevo and Banja Luka

The Council of Europe held two trainings, in Sarajevo and Banjaluka, within the Initial Training Program for 59 newly appointed judges and prosecutors in cooperation with Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centres of FBiH and RS. The first training sessions were delivered in line with the...

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Empowering Bosnia and Herzegovina's judiciary: enhancing freedom of expression through training of trainers

16-18 April 2024 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strengthening the capacities of local legal professionals to serve as educators in the realm of freedom of expression, in accordance with the standards outlined in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), is a...

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Police officers’ human rights training skills verified in Bosnia and Herzegovina


A group of 10 law enforcement officers was certified to deliver human rights- based training in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 16-17 April 2024, in Sarajevo. This activity is a part of an internal accreditation scheme developed in close co-operation with the cantonal and entity Ministries of Interior...

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Call for Tenders for purchase of national consultancy services aimed at establishing Case Law Department at the Cantonal Court of Sarajevo


Deadline for submission of tenders: 8 May 2024 Within the scope of the Project “Support to a coherent national implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and facilitating execution of ECtHR judgments in Bosnia and Herzegovina” national short term consultancy services shall be...

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Strengthening the Protection of Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina

3-4 April 2024 Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are often used by the political and economic power holders as means of pressuring journalists. This and other common threats against journalists and how to address them were among the issues discussed at the 2-day workshop in Neum. The...

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