Young people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods do not have access to a full range of sport, leisure and cultural opportunities because they have become increasingly exclusive and expensive, or there is lack of information about available opportunities.

Young people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods are often unable to take part in sports, leisure and cultural opportunities due to a lack mobility and poor accessibility of facilities.Young people should have access to affordable, youth-friendly and accessible sports, leisure and cultural opportunities.

Public authorities should recognise that sport, leisure and culture have many benefits and should identify ways how the local community can decide about different policies and programmes that support sport, leisure and culture. Public authorities should provide fully accessible and affordable sports and leisure facilities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and improve existing sports and leisure facilities.

Furthermore should ensure that sport, youth work and other activities are accessed by young men and young women from different cultural backgrounds as well as by young people with disabilities. Cultural opportunities such as theatre, concerts or exhibitions should be more accessible and affordable for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


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