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2019 European Local Democracy Week: Registration online is open

European Local Democracy Week Strasbourg, France 9 July 2019
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2019 European Local Democracy Week: Registration online is open

Local and regional authorities of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe are invited to register online to take part in the 2019 edition of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW), a pan-European initiative aimed at boosting local democracy and citizen participation, which is coordinated by the Congress since 2007.

Under the theme “Local democracy: building trust”, chosen for the editions 2019-2020, cities and regions, as well as other partners, are encouraged to organise activities throughout the year, culminating in a flagship event during the week of 15 October.

To register, we invite you to create your profile on our online platform and inform us about the activities you are planning to organise. The municipalities that already took part in the ELDW in the previous years can register by logging in to their personal account and following the instructions.

The ELDW website is equipped with a brand new interactive platform: the registered local and regional authorities and associations can discuss and exchange their ideas and good practices online. This new tool aims to help develop an independent network for direct interaction and experience-sharing among the municipalities, regions and associations taking part in the ELDW.

Contact: democracy.week@coe.int

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