Elections - COVID ResponseCOVID-outbreak affected mostly all areas of public and private life all over the world. This outbreak has a significant impact on our democracies. Elections are not an exception. State authorities either delay and re-schedule the initially planned elections or consider alternative voting processes and procedures to protect voters and election commissioners from spreading the virus at the polling stations (e.g. postal voting, remote voting etc.).

On this special COVID-19 response page, we have condensed some tailored solutions and best practices in the field of electoral co-operation and electoral assistance.

Also, in addition to ElecData, the Council of Europe's operational and constantly updated compendium of electoral data, the current situation overview is reflected in this electoral calendar.

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Number of postponed elections/referenda


Elections and COVID-19

“Habits! … When what’s needed is imagination. “
Albert Camus, The Plague

Camus could not imagine the impact of the outbreak of a pandemic in a very interconnected planet, in his novel, the plague remained confined to Oran. However, his encouragement to use imagination, should be taken seriously.

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