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16–18.11. - Online
International conference on cultural heritage

18.11. - Strasbourg
Handover of the Presidency from Greece to Germany

18–19.11. - Berlin
Conference: “Intersectionality and LGBTI Policies in Europe: Lived Realities of Lesbian* Women and the Recognition of Rainbow Families”

19.11. - Online
Conference: “Women in Focus: Coronavirus and Gender Equality in Europe” (in cooperation with the European Institute for Gender Equality)

24–27.11. - Strasbourg, European Youth Centre
Workshop: “Artificial Intelligence: How Can Youth Take Part?”

30.11. - Strasbourg
Conference: “The execution of judgments of the ECtHR seen through the lens of compliance research”

07–10.12. - Online
“3rd European Youth Work Convention”

08.12. - Online
“Women and Human Rights – Personal Stories”

09.12. - Berlin
Conference “Human Rights Protection in Europe – The ECHR at 70 Years”


20.01. - Berlin
Conference: “Human Rights in the Era of AI - Europe as international Standard Setter for Artificial Intelligence”

22.01. – 01.02.2021- Strasbourg
Exhibition: “Early Holocaust research”

28.01. Berlin
40th anniversary of the initial signing of the CoE Convention on Data Protection

17–18.02. - Berlin
Conference: “Dealing with Hate Speech from a European Perspective: Impulses for the Council of Europe”

10 March, 16h: UNECE Side Event

“Promising practices on upholding equality and protecting against discrimination and hate during the Covid-19 pandemic” at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)’s Regional Forum of Sustainable Development.

11.03. - Berlin
5th European Symposium on the Comprehensibility of Legal Provisions

17 March at 9am - New York
Gender Equality Commission Side event during the annual meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

16 / 17 03. - Berlin
3rd meeting of the Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (ADI-ROM)

25 03.
2nd International Human Rights Forum (Regional Courts)

07. – 09.04.  - Strasbourg, Youth Centre
Workshop: „The role of Roma history, including Roma Holocaust, in the participation and inclusion of young Roma today“

12–13.04. - Berlin
Conference on inter-State applications before the ECtHR

Online symposium on “Supporting victims of terrorism in cross-border situations”

15 April  - Strasbourg
Conference: “The Rule of Law in Europe: Vision and Challenges”

15–16.04. - Mainz (tbc)
Education Policy Advisors Network (EPAN) meeting and meeting of senior officials on the implementation of the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture”

27.04.  - Strasbourg
Workshop: “Human Rights and Business as a framework for addressing environmental protection challenges

28./29.04. – Budapest
Conference: “Safeguarding local and regional democracy in south-east Europe”

30.04. - Berlin
Conference: “Delayed Execution, Deficient Execution and Non-Execution of ECHR Judgments: Taking Stock and Thinking Forward”

Early May - Strasbourg
Practitioners’ Workshop on “(De-)Radicalization in Prisons – European exchange of views”

02.05. - Strasbourg, PMC
Anniversary Concert, Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra

04.05. - Berlin
70th anniversary of full CoE membership of the Federal Republic of Germany

04.05. – 05.05. - Strasbourg
Conference: “Ending Trafficking in Children and Young Persons”

05.05 - Strasbourg
Conference: “Strengthening international cooperation in criminal law”

05.05, 13.30–17.00 CET
Digital event “Towards the full recognition of LGBTI rights across Europe – Strategic policy measures to implement the 2010 SOGI Recommendation”

7 May - Strasbourg
Webinar: “Impact of Covid-19 on media freedom”

11.05. - Berlin
Conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the first signing of the Istanbul Convention

11.05. - Berlin
Gender Equality Commission – annual conference
Focus: “Achieve a balanced participation of women and men in political and public decision-making“

20.-21.05. - tbc
131st Session of Ministers