Fight against terrorism

Terrorism challenges our democracies and requires effective state responses. But counter-terrorism efforts must respect democracy, the rule of law and human rights. The Commissioner’s approach underlines the importance of human rights monitoring and democratic oversight of counter-terrorism initiatives.

National human rights structures: protecting human rights while countering terrorism

A series of terrorist attacks has deeply traumatised Europe. In Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Ankara and beyond, shock was followed by fear of further attacks and a sense of urgency about preventing them. Preventing and combating terrorism is a clear duty of all states, which must respect and protect every one’s life and security. However, states’ duty to prevent and combat terrorism should in no way be fulfilled at the expense of human rights standards and the common values in which European societies are grounded. This would be a mistake, since laws and policies that are human rights compliant preserve the values the terrorists are trying to destroy, weaken the pull of radicalisation, and strengthen the public’s confidence in the rule of law and democratic institutions.   full article

Democratic and effective oversight of national security services (2015)

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The rule of law on the Internet and in the wider digital world (2014)

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Protecting the Right to Privacy in the fight against terrorism (2008)

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