Council of Europe/European Union
Partnership for Good Governance For Eastern Partnership Countries

Strengthening the Health Care and Human Rights Protection in Prisons in Armenia

Start date: March 2015
Duration: until 31 December 2018
Budget: EUR 900,000
Donor: European Union and Council of Europe
Partners: Ministry of Justice, Penitentiary Department of MoJ, Ministry of Health, Office of the Public Prosecutor, Ombudsman

The Project aimed at strengthening human rights, through improvement of provision of healthcare (including mental care) in prisons in Armenia, and enhancing the capacities of prison staff through development and provision of continuous training. The objectives of the Project were:

  • Improvement of the legal/institutional framework of healthcare in prisons of Armenia.
  • Improvement of material conditions of healthcare units.
  • Strengthening the capacity for provision of healthcare of the prison staff.

As a result of the Project implementation it was anticipated that:

  • Legal provisions and national authorities’ practices for the observation of prisoners’ rights in healthcare are strengthened in line with the European standards;
  • National authorities have a scheme in place to provide higher quality of healthcare for prisoners.

Report on the assessment mission on health care in prisons - June/July 2015 ENG - ARM

Publications of the Project