20 November, 9h-18h (upon invitation only)

The word “Hackathon” combines the words ‘Hack’ and ‘Marathon’, and implies a long sprint to create something useful in a single event. The Forum hackathon has one prevalent goal: to develop a democracy innovation incubator with the purpose to implement democracy innovations at the local level in order to accelerate their growth and success. In order to kick-off the creation of the incubator, the hackathon gathers Forum alumni and local political decision-makers to develop the framework of the incubator, while brainstorming on concrete solutions for increasing the impact and reach of democracy innovations, in order to improve citizen participation at the local level.

Democracy innovators of previous Forum editions include:

  • Ms Tanja AITAMURTO, Finland, University of Stanford
  • Mr Róbert Viðar BJARNASON, Iceland, President & CTO of the Citizens Foundation
  • Mr Steven CLIFT, USA, Founder and Executive Director of E-Democracy.org
  • Mr Daniel DE ANDRADE BITTENCOURT, Brasil, Co-founder of Lung
  • Mr Matt LEIGHNINGER, USA, Executive Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium
  • Ms Vanessa LISTON, Ireland, Co-founder of CiviQ
  • Mr Tudor MIHAILESCU, Romania, Co-Founder at GovFaces
  • Ms Ana Lis RODRÍGUEZ NARDELLI, Argentina, Research Director at Fundación Democracia en Red/DemocracyOS Foundation
  • Mr Iain WALKER, Australia, Executive Director of the NewDemocracy Foundation
  • Mr Anthony ZACHARZEWSKI, United Kingdom, Director of The Democratic Society


  • Mr Hems ZWIER, Netherlands, Blogger, Social Media advisor
  • Ms Elisa LEWIS, France, Démocratie Ouverte, Democracy Innovation Incubator

Through an open call, interested cities have been invited to apply for the hackathon. The following cities have been selected: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Arnsberg, Germany; Bolton, United Kingdom; Bonn, Germany; Bucharest, Romania; Falun, Sweden; Ghent, Belgium; Katowice, Poland; Lisbon, Portugal; Montreal, Canada; Madrid, Spain; Neapoli-Sykies, Greece; Nis, Serbia; Palermo, Italy; Paris, France; Reykjavik, Iceland.

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