12 Months, 1 Question: May 2021

Addressing the climate crisis requires the participation of all levels of society: individuals and governments as well as private sector.

The risk of climate breakdown very soon requires urgent action, however, the necessary structural changes are happening at a slow pace. Some brave individuals have been stepping up and joining the frontlines of this fight for our environment – risking their wellbeing and even their lives.

Global Witness reported 212 land and environmental defenders were killed in 2019 – an average of more than four people a week. The journalists, activists, local communities, indigenous peoples etc who stood up against big industries, corrupt officials or public apathy are putting themselves at enormous risk, on behalf of us all. In May we will discuss the context of violence against environmental defenders, the seeming impunity of many perpetrators of this violence and look into ways of better protecting them.

Forum insta talk: 21 may 2021 Forum insta talk: 21 may 2021
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