The Project "Strengthening Protection of Social and Economic Rights in Georgia" aims at enhancing capacities of Georgian authorities in delivering social rights and social services, as well as to contribute to the alignment of the Georgian legislations (specifically in the area of labour rights) to the European standards. Furthermore, the other objectives of the Project are to promote acceptance of new provisions of the Charter (targeted to enhancing occupational safety and access to medical and social security), to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of the country reports and consolidate the capacities of the Public Defender’s office in monitoring the observance of social rights and submitting alternative reports to the ECSR.

What do we expect to achieve?
  • Social and economic rights, policies and practices at the national level are aligned with relevant European standards, providing for proper protection and implementation of social rights.
  • Knowledge and capacities are enhanced among the Project target groups (in promoting and protecting social rights in line with the European standards and best practices).
Project Methodology

The Project will use the following tools and means (non-exhaustive list):

Expert advice

Expert opinions and comments

Baseline studies/research/progress reviews/needs assessments

Public experience-sharing activities (round tables, workshops etc.)

Working groups/expert meetings /focus group meetings


Seminars and conferences

Training sessions


Special attention will be paid to coordination of activities among Council of Europe’s different departments, as well as other development partners active in the field of social rights in Georgia. In this regard regular donors’ coordination meetings will be facilitated to ensure synergies and avoid overlaps. In addition, cross sector inter-institutional coordination will be facilitated to make sure all social actors are aware of, understand and correctly implement the legislation.

Project Duration

Project runs from March 2021 until December 2023.

Project Partners

Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs;

LEPL Labour Inspection Office;

Public Defender (Ombudsman) of Georgia;

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia;

Ministry of Justice;

Healthcare and Social Issues Committee of Parliament of Georgia;

Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of Parliament of Georgia;

Legal professionals and civil society organisations;

Who Benefits from the Project?

Labour inspectors;

Policy makers;

Legal professionals (judges, lawyers);


Social partners;

representatives of local authorities;

Social workers;

How Much Does it cost?

700,500 EUR

The Project is funded through voluntary contributions within Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023

Project Staff

Senior Project Officer - Tamar Nozadze

Project Assistant - Gvantsa Kereselidze