About the Project

The Project “Enhancing Human Rights Compliant Approach in Law Enforcement Institutions in Georgia” aims to benefit Georgian citizens through enhanced protection by the law enforcement institutions, conducted in efficient and accountable manner in compliance with European standard. The Project will provide support to the Georgian authorities and civil society in applying and monitoring human rights approach in policing through enhanced compliance with established human rights standards, including standards on gender equality.

The Project will be delivered by applying human rights approach and will pay particular attention to vulnerable groups, including juveniles. Gender sensitive approach will be ensured during the project implementation. Gender balance trends of the capacity building activities of the Project will be monitored and reported on regular basis.

  Budget: EUR 1 100 000 

 Duration: 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2025

 Continuation of the Projects Juvenile and Adults Detainees Support (JADES) - 2019-2021 and Human Rights Compliant Policing in Georgia (HRCPG) -  2021-2023.

How does the Project work?

Through a combination of tailored policy/legislative, capacity-building and awareness raising actions.

Who benefits from the Project?

National Prevention Mechanism;

Ministry of Internal Affairs;

Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

Special Investigation Service;

Public Defender's Office;

Citizens of Georgia;

People participating in demonstrations;

Persons with disabilities;

Vulnerable communities, in all their diversity, affected by discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in Georgia;

Juvenile victims and offenders;

Detainees in police custody.

What do we expect to achieve?

  • Improved compliance of the policy and operational frameworks on discharging policing responsibilities, with the European standards and best practices;
  • Enhanced institutional capacity of MIA Academy, in line with best practices, to provide for sustainable development and staff training on discharging policing responsibilities in line with CoE standards;
  • Improved compliance of the national independent monitoring and investigation bodies’ policy and operational frameworks with Council of Europe standards, including a gender sensitive approach;
  • Improved capacity of the selected staff of national independent monitoring and investigation bodies’ to investigate police misconduct;
  • Increased knowledge of CSOs on application of relevant tools to conduct external monitoring of police activities and awareness raising campaigns.

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