Racism – Europe’s Common Problem

29 July 2011 ("Aftenposten")

Since the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya, countless foreign media have sought my opinion. They all ask the same questions: What will happen in Norway now? Will Norway be recognisable after this? Could something similar happen in other countries? At first, I answered that Norway will be...

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A new era for privacy by Thorbjørn Jagland

27 January 2011 (European Voice / International)

New media are challenging the traditional boundaries of data protection. This year's Data Protection Day – 28 January – takes place against a backdrop of international controversy, with debate raging on the rights and wrongs of Wikileaks, users of social media waking up to the privacy pitfalls of...

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Thorbjørn Jagland : Democratic Security and Respect for Human Rights in the 21st century

4 janvier 2011 (New Europe / International)

Europe has witnessed dramatic changes in recent years , which gave Europe more peace and unity than ever before in its history, as well as a constant economic growth which - combined with a colossal technological revolution - afforded to European societies an unprecedented high level of...

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