Donor Board

The Donor Board (DB) is a crucial aspect of the pilot programme's implementation. Its primary responsibility is to steer the project and make relevant decisions to ensure its success. To achieve this, each entity that contributes to the program will nominate a representative to the DB. The DB is expected to meet at least twice a year or more frequently if necessary. The board is also responsible for adopting the call for applications and any other relevant documents needed to ensure the program functions correctly. Additionally, the DB must approve any budgetary changes required to ensure the smooth running of the programme. Finally, the DB must adopt regular reports, which may be made available partially or in full to the Eurimages Board of Management. Overall, the DB is a critical aspect of the programme's success, ensuring that the pilot programme runs smoothly and is in line with the requirements set out by Eurimages.


Projects selection

The project selection process is a critical step in ensuring that the pilot programme is successful. Applicants can submit their projects during the annual call for projects via the dedicated online platform. Once submitted, the Secretariat will evaluate each project's eligibility. Eligible projects will then be analysed by the Evaluation Committee (EC). The EC will be comprised of independent experts and a representative of the Secretariat, following the Council of Europe Rule 1374 on the awards of grants. Within the financial envelope dedicated to the call, the EC will recommend a list of projects for a decision to be taken by the Directorate of Democratic Participation Cost Centre Manager (CCM). To ensure fairness and transparency in the project selection process, a mechanism for receiving and addressing complaints has been established. This process is in full accordance with the Council of Europe rules on the awards of grants and ensures that all applicants have equal opportunity and fair consideration in the project selection process.




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