Agora Building, Room G04, Strasbourg

4-6 February 2015 (9h30)


1. Opening of the meeting


2. Adoption of the agenda and the order of business

PC-CP (2014) 19

3. Adoption of the summary report of the last meeting


4. Information provided by the Secretariat


5. Radicalisation in prisons


6. Measures to be taken for better visibility and implementation of Recommendation (2014) 3 concerning dangerous offenders and regarding Recommendation (2014) 4 on electronic monitoring and tour de table regarding the use of electronic monitoring in the member states

PC-CP (2014) 16 rev 2

7. Review of the Recommendations and Resolutions in prison and probation fields


8. Organisation of the 20th Council of Europe Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services

PC-CP (2014) 13 rev 2

9. Follow-up to be given to the report on violence in detention institutions for juvenile offenders

CDPC (2014) 29 final

10. Any other business


11. Dates of the next meetings