Speakers - Human Rights for the Planet

Guests, Speakers, Moderators:

Robert Spano
Robert Spano President of the ECtHR
Linos-Alexandre  Sicilianos
Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos Former President of the ECtHR
Marija Pejčinović Burić
Marija Pejčinović Burić Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Michelle Bachelet
Michelle Bachelet UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Paul Lemmens
Paul Lemmens Judge at the ECtHR
Natalia Kobylarz
Natalia Kobylarz Senior Lawyer at the Registry of the ECtHR
Jorge Calderón Gamboa
Jorge Calderón Gamboa Secretary at the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice
Catherine Redgwell
Catherine Redgwell Chichele Professor of Public International Law in the University of Oxford and a Fellow of All Souls College
Alan Boyle
Alan Boyle Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh School of Law and barrister in Essex Court Chambers, London
Jon Fridrik Kjølbro
Jon Fridrik Kjølbro Vice-President of the ECtHR
Lado Chanturia
Lado Chanturia Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in respect of Georgia
Fiona Marshall
Fiona Marshall Secretary to the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee
James Thornton
James Thornton CEO of ClientEarth
Ugo Taddei
Ugo Taddei Head of the Clean Air, ClientEarth
Ambassador Irakli Giviashvili
Ambassador Irakli Giviashvili
Tim Eicke
Tim Eicke Judge at the ECtHR
Marta Torre-Schaub
Marta Torre-Schaub Senior Professor Researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the Paris 1-Sorbonne University and Director of the Climate Change and Law Network for Researchers CLIMALEX
Clare Ovey
Clare Ovey Head of Department of the Execution of Judgments, Council of Europe
Ksenija Turkovic
Ksenija Turkovic Judge at the ECtHR
Rik Daems
Rik Daems President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Christina Voigt
Christina Voigt Professor at the University of Oslo
Françoise Tulkens
Françoise Tulkens Judge emeritus at the ECtHR
Yves Winisdoerffer Senior Lawyer at the Registry of the ECtHR

Organising Committee:

Natalia Kobylarz
Natalia Kobylarz Senior Lawyer at the Registry of the ECtHR
Gaël Martin-Micallef
Gaël Martin-Micallef Legal Advisor, Venice Commission
Klaudiusz Ryngielewicz
Klaudiusz Ryngielewicz Head of Department, Deputy to the Registrar
Alicia Carpentier
Alicia Carpentier Graduate in Environmental Law
Agata Foksa-Biegaj
Agata Foksa-Biegaj Junior Lawyer at the Registry of the ECtHR
Marcin Szczaniecki
Marcin Szczaniecki Assistant lawyer at the Registry of the ECtHR