Sarajevo Film Festival 2012

This international cultural event, held for the first time in 1995 at the height of the siege of the Bosnian capital, seeks to support and further regional cinema and authors.

Short and full-length films by young directors from Eastern and Southern Europe are screened at the Festival, together with independent productions. The festival is a professional platform for the seventh art in a region where the Council of Europe is very active. The issues addressed by the contending works quite often tie in with the values upheld by the Organisation. Many are furthermore co-financed by the Council of Europe's Eurimages support fund for European cinema.

For the 4th consecutive year, the Council of Europe is lending its support to the Sarajevo Film Festival. A series of "Council of Europe events" will be organised besides screenings.

Children's rights, Internet and data protection in FOCUS
  • "Cybercrime" ,a Council of Europe video spot, will be showed prior to each screening at the Open Air Cinema. The aim of this spot is to raise public awareness about societies worldwide becoming equally dependent on information and communication technologies and vulnerable to cybercrime ( identity theft, financial fraud, cyber attacks and the misuse of social networks etc).
  • "Through the Wild Web Woods" is the Council of Europe online game for teaching basic Internet safety in a fun and friendly fairy tale environment. This version of the game will be displayed for on free computers at the Festival's Square. This area being accessible only to accredited guests, Wild Web Woods accreditations will be distributed after movies to younger festival-goers leaving Cinema City.
  • Building a Europe for and with children: In cooperation with the Children Programme's team, the Festival's family audience will have their attention particularly drawn to the Council of Europe Campaign One in five. In Europe, about one in five children falls victim to sexual violence. The Campaign aims at preventing sexual violence and protecting children through the ratification of the Organisation's convention.
  • "Handscape" - a Council of Europe TV spot featuring hands helping a child through a day's journey will be shown prior to movies screened at Cinema City and Zetra in the framework of the Children's Programme.
Special event
10 years of membership for Bosnia and Herzegovina

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Bosnia and Herzegovina's accession to the Council of Europe. Working through conventions, legal texts and other forms of assistance to its member states, the Organisation takes this opportunity to raise awareness among all generations of the Festival's audience, that membership has a positive impact on many unexpected aspects of their daily life.

  • 4 July : Press conference announcing Council of Europe activities during the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival. Café / restaurant Garden.
  • 8 July : Gender Equality Now! A workshop organised and animated by Poster for Tomorrow dedicated to adults who wish to make an artwork and take part in Poster for tomorrow 2012 competition. Cinema City, Small Hall (10-12am)
  • 10 July : Democracy Café: Teen agers are invited by Poster for Tomorrow to discuss equality and make a common artwork as a visual outcome of this exchange of views. Festival Square + Pavilion (2-5.30pm)
  • 11 July : 18th SFF Human Rights Day : Remembering Srebrenica Genocide Council of Europe representatives will participate in this event organised by SFF and the Swiss Embassy in Sarajevo. Meeting Point Cinema (3-5.30pm)