Back First Barnahus for child victims of sexual abuse launched in Slovenia

First Barnahus for child victims of sexual abuse launched in Slovenia

The first Barnahus (Children’s House) of Slovenia for child victims of sexual abuse has been launched in Ljubljana with the active support of the EU Reform – Council of Europe joint project “Support the implementation of Barnahus in Slovenia - phase II and the Norway Grants”. Barnahus is a Council of Europe-promoted model to address child sexual abuse by coordinating parallel criminal and social welfare investigations in a child-friendly and safe environment. It brings under one roof all relevant professionals (the judge, the prosecutor, the police, social workers and medical professionals such as psychologists and forensic doctors) to obtain from the child victim the necessary information for investigation and court proceedings, and to provide support, including medical and therapeutic assistance to the child.

The main advantages of the Barnahus model are that it prevents re-traumatisation and re-victimisation of the child and significantly shortens the pre-trial process. The Ljubljana Barnahus is expected to deal with up to 200 cases of child sexual abuse per year. It will have five core staff members and will receive additional support from doctors and medical examiners at the nearby Paediatric Clinic.

Marjan Dikaučič, Minister of Justice of Slovenia, stated that violence against children is unacceptable, and that the project is crucial in protecting some of the most vulnerable members of Slovenian society. The first Barnahus was set up in Iceland in 1998. Since then, similar services have been established in more than ten countries in Europe, Slovenia being the latest to follow suit. In 2015, the Committee of the Parties to the Lanzarote Convention recognised the Barnahus model as an example of a good practice for an effective coordinated response to child sexual abuse.

 Leaflet on Barnahus model

 Closing conference of the Barnahus project (4 May 2022)

Council of Europe Strasbourg 10 May 2022
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