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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status : Party Declarations and reservations : Reservation regarding article 29. See legal profile

Cybercrime policies/strategies

The Ministry of Public Administration and Digitisation (MAC) and Internal Security Agency (ABW) launched in 2013, the first cyber security strategy- Cyberspace protection policy of the Republic of Poland.

The Cyber Security Strategy 2017-2022 was drafted in response to the European NIS directive on protecting national networks and systems.

Specialised institutions

Preliminary investigations are conducted by police entities based in the 'Voivodeship' (regional) police headquarters. At the central level, the Department for Fighting against Cybercrime has been established within the Criminal Service Bureau of the National Police Headquarters. The Division of Fighting against Cybercrime has also been established within the Central Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Police. Their main task is to combat cybercrimes committed by organised criminal groups.

At the level of the Prosecutor General's Office several prosecutors have been designated to provide coordination and support to lower tiers of the public prosecution service in cases involving cyber attacks (attacks against computer systems), hate crimes, and the sexual exploitation of children. Moreover, at regional level coordinating prosecutors have been appointed to deal with cases of sexual exploitation of children. Those prosecutors closely cooperate with police officers, providing advice in the most complex cases.

Poland has several established several Computer Security Incident Response (CSIRT)/Computer Emergency Response (CERT) teams:

  • CERT.PL (CERT POLSKA) operates as part of the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK)
  • CERT Orange (Polish; formerly CSIRT Telekomikacja Polska) was established in 1997 for users of telecom services.
  • CERT.GOV.PL (Polish and English) has the government and its agencies as its constituents.
  • Government Center for Security (RCB)

Jurisprudence/case law

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