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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

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Cybercrime policies/strategies

The Government of Pakistan has not yet adopted a cybercrime strategy. A National Cyber Security Council Bill, 2014, which seeks establishment of a National Cyber Security Council and defines its functions and powers as to develop and draft policy, guidelines and governance models related to emerging cyber security threats has been tabled before the Senate. The government has approved e-mail and internet policy which envisages security guidelines and a multi-stage information security audit of government institutions and ministries.

Specialised institutions

The Federal Investigation Agency has been designated as an investigation agency for the purposes of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act and it has the mandate to investigate and prosecute cybercrimes and crimes committed using electronic means. The trial of such cases is to be conducted by the Court of Sessions and higher courts where the presiding judge has successfully completed training with respect to computer sciences, cyber forensics, electronic transactions and data protection (Section 44).

The telecom companies’ activities are regulated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which also has the mandate to block unlawful online content under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (Section 37).

Jurisprudence/case law

There is no jurisprudence or case law with respect to the same.

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