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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status : Party Declarations and reservations : Reservations: Article 9, paragraph 1 item e, paragraph 4 and paragraph 2, item b Article 14, paragraph 3 Article 20 Declarations: Article 24, paragraph 7: the authority responsible for making and receiving requests for extradition in the absence of an agreement is the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, while the authority responsible for making and receiving requests for provisional arrest in the absence of an agreement is the NCB Interpol in Podgorica Article 27, paragraph 2: the central authority designated for sending and answering requests for mutual assistance, the execution of such requests or their transmission to the authorities competent for their execution in the absence of an agreement is the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro. See legal profile

Cybercrime policies/strategies

The updated Cyber Security Strategy for 2018-2021 was adopted in December 2017 and it refers to strengthening capacities of state law enforcement authorities in combating cybercrime.  

This Strategy identifies a total of eight objectives for improving the National Cyber Strategy for Montenegro 2018-2021, namely:

1. Cyber defence capacities.
2. Centralisation of cyber expertise and resources.
3. Protection of critical information infrastructure.
4. Inter-institutional cooperation.
5. Data protection.
6. Cyber security education.
7. Partnership of public and private sectors.
8. Regional and international cooperation.


A strategy for cybercrime is being drafted.

Specialised institutions

  • The State Prosecutor’s Office;
  • The Special State Prosecutor’s Office;
  • The State Prosecutor’s Office for Suppression of Organised Crime, Corruption, Terrorism and War Crimes;
  • Police Directorate, Division for Organised Crime and Corruption;
  • Police Directorate, Unit for Combating High-Tech Crime;
  • Police Directorate, Forensic Centre;
  • Police Directorate, NCB Interpol;
  • The Ministry of Justice – Directorate for International Judicial Cooperation and Projects.

Jurisprudence/case law

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