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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

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Cybercrime policies/strategies

The Czech Republic has no specific cybercrime strategy adopted, however the National Cyber Security Strategy 2015- 2020 and the related Action Plan for the National Cyber Security Strategy were drafted by the Czech National Security Authority (NSA) and adopted by the Government in 2015.

The cyber security strategy is based on the following principles:

  • Protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms and of the democratic rule of law principles.
  • Comprehensive approach to cyber security based on principles of subsidiarity and cooperation.
  • Trust building and co-operation among public and private sector, and civil society.
  • Cyber security capacity building.

Its main goals are:

  • Efficiency and enhancement of all relevant structures, processes, and of cooperation in ensuring cyber security.
  • Active international cooperation.
  • Protection of national CII and IIS.
  • Cooperation with private sector.
  • Research and development / Consumer trust.
  • Education, awareness raising and information society development.
  • Support to the Czech Police capabilities for cybercrime investigation and prosecution.
  • Cyber security legislation (development of legislative framework). Participation in creation and implementation of European and international regulations.


Specialised institutions

National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA) is the central body of state administration for cyber security, including the protection of classified information in the area of information and communication systems and cryptographic protection.

The National Cyber Security Centre has been established by the National Cyber and Information Security Agency and its main task is to coordinate cooperation on national and international levels in order to prevent cybernetic attacks, to propose and adopt measures for incident solving and against ongoing attacks.

Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Justice

Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office

Police of the Czech Republic, National Organized Crime Agency, Criminal Police and Investigation Service, Cyber Crime Division is designated 24/7 point of contact according to Article 35 (Budapest Convention on Cybercrime).

The Czech Republic has also two cyber incident response teams: 1) a Government Computer Energency Response Team (GovCERT.CZ) and 2) a national Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT.CZ). (Source:

Jurisprudence/case law

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