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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status : NA Declarations and reservations : N/A See legal profile

Cybercrime policies/strategies

Discussions and consultations on a Chadian cybersecurity strategy have been completed in early February 2022.

Chad has adopted a general “Strategic Plan for digital and postal development 2020-2030” which does not contain any cybercrime and cybersecurity-related provisions.

The National Agency for Computer Security and eCertification (ANSICE), established by law N° 006/PR/2015 designs and implements policies to combat cybercrime, regulate and control national information systems’ security and eCommunication networks.

Specialised institutions

The Chadian Office of Telecommunications Regulation: established by the law N° 009/PR/98 on telecommunications in Chad, this office is in charge of regulating the telecommunications sector. It is a public institution under the responsibility of the Ministry of Posts and Communication and Information technologies. It has a financial and managerial autonomy.

The National Security Agency’s mission is to search for, collect and use information relating to State security; prevent and detect any espionage, subversion and destabilisation directed against the interests of the state and the Nation, in cooperation with other interested departments or agencies; to perform, according its attributions and prerogatives, any mission that the political authority may require.

Chad maintains a division within their law enforcement apparatus, which is specially tasked to investigate cyber crimes known as the National Agency for Computer Security and Digital Certification (ANSICE).

Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy 

Jurisprudence/case law

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