The main partner and beneficiary of the Project is the Ministry of Justice (Department of Human Rights).

The main aim is to contribute to the improvement and strengthening of the judges and prosecutors’ capacity to effectively conduct investigations to combat ill-treatment and impunity.

Two expected results are foreseen under the project:

  1. Capacities of the Academy concerning new module on effective investigation is enhanced, its pool of trainers in reinforced and awareness and knowledge of judges and prosecutors and other stakeholders on effective investigation against ill-treatment is improved.
  2. Potential legal amendments and necessary change of practice are identified and solutions proposed.

With a view to achieving these results, several activities will be implemented:

  • Conducting conferences, round tables and international workshops to raise awareness about challenges, new procedures, distribute specific information to a broader audience on effective investigation against ill treatment, respective ECtHR- case-law, and contribute to the visibility of the outputs.
  • Revision and further adjusting of training modules and materials on effective investigation against allegations of ill-treatment developed under other EU-CoE projects in Turkey and other countries and based on the methodology of the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP), including components of conducting effective investigation in case when minors, women and other vulnerable groups are victims.
  • Reinforcing and increasing of the pool of trainers established under previous EU-CoE Joint Project on Improving the Efficiency of the Turkish Criminal Justice System” to train each beneficiary group on effective investigation against ill-treatment.
  • Translating existing guides and materials on effective investigation.
  • Developing a comprehensive recommendation paper of Turkish legal and operational framework for combating alleged ill-treatment with a view to identify gaps and make proposals to improve the legislation and in particular practice of judicial bodies in that context.
  • Conducting study visits to CoE and other participant countries which have experienced this issue providing first-hand experience, complement theoretical knowledge, facilitate exchange of information and help individuals to establish inter-personal relations with colleagues from other countries.
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Peer-to-peer exchange between Turkish and Russian authorities

Sharing experience and challenges in dealing with ill-treatment allegations

22 - 24 May 2019 Moscow

A three-day visit to Moscow for an exchange of experience was organised for a group of fourteen representatives of the Ministry of Justice and members of the judiciary of Turkey. During the visit they met their Russian colleagues from the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Supreme Court, the...

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International Conference and closing ceremony under the framework of the project “Improving the Effectiveness of Investigation of Allegations of Ill-treatment and Combating Impunity” in Turkey

2-3 May 2019 Ankara

The closing of the Council of Europe Project on “Improving the Effectiveness of Investigation of Allegations of Ill-treatment and Combating Impunity” was marked with two subsequent events: The International conference on perspectives and challenges in dealing with ill-treatment allegations of...

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Fourth Round-Table and Consultation meeting with the Union of Turkish Bar Associations

25-26 March 2019 Ankara

The fourth and last thematic round-table took place on 26 March 2019 in Ankara. The round table meeting gathered 52 participants, including representatives and inspectors from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice, the Council of Judges and Prosecutors,...

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