Final Conference of the Project

12 December 2018 Yerevan

A final conference of the Project “Supporting the criminal justice reform and combating ill-treatment and impunity in Armenia” funded through the European Union and Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance was held on 12 December. The conference marked the successful accomplishment of...

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International Conference Marking the 10 Year Anniversary of the Armenian National Preventive Mechanism

28-29 November 2018 Yerevan

On 28-29 November an international conference marking the 10th anniversary of the National Preventive Mechanism in Armenia was organised in Yerevan to discuss issues related to the prevention of torture and execution of the relevant judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. On 31 May 2006,...

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The CoE HELP course on Prohibition of Ill-treatment launched for Armenian investigators and prosecutors

31 October 2018 Yerevan

The Council of Europe HELP course on Prohibition of Ill-treatment was launched for a group of investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia (IC) and the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia (SIS), as well as prosecutors from the General Prosecutor’s...

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Seminar on the treatment of women offenders

15 April 2018 Tsaghkadzor

A two-day training seminar on “International standards on Women Offenders: Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners” was organised on 14-15 April in Tsaghkadzor. The seminar aimed at enhancing the theoretical and practical knowledge and professionalism of the staff of the Human Rights...

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Round table discussion on the draft Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia

14 March 2018 Yerevan

A Round table discussion on the draft Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia was organised on 14 March where variety of stakeholders discussed issues and proposals on the draft Criminal Code. This was an important initiative, which gave an opportunity to the invitees and to the members of the...

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Training on criminal investigations and human rights in Armenia

3-5 and 24-26 June 2016 Yerevan

The Council of Europe trained twenty two Justice Academy future trainers on conducting criminal investigations in line with the European Convention on Human Rights. During six days international and local experts delivered to the audience four distinct courses, namely: “General criminal...

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